How Simtec Global ensures compliance with industry best practice.


Find out how SimtecGlobal  minimizes environmental impact.

Reverse Logistics

How we leverage Reverse Logistics for growth.We’d love to work with you, feel free to reach out at anytime!

1. Why Simtec Global?

SimtecGlobal has access to over across the industry to ensure that their inventory challenges are solved responsibly.

Our expertise in reverse logistics is at the core of our growth, and we’re dedicated to constantly improving our operational excellence in the service of our clients.  We’re proud of our industry recognition for this.

The secondary market makes sense on more than just a financial level.  Giving a second (or third, or fourth) life to a device is what’s best for the environment.  Simtec Global is committed to growing the secondary market and acting in an environmentally responsible way.

2. Simtec Global -Merchandising Solutions

People are fed up with products that just don’t move and collect dust!
Merchandising is the number #1 issue that businesses often run across, not knowing what products go where and why such products aren’t selling!
We at Simtec Global Have a solution that we customize for your online or retail platform/Brick&Mortar USA/Europe/Asia/SouthAmerica to ensure your business achieves its goals! Out with the old in with the new!

3. Catering to small & Large sized Businesses

  • Tiered Pricing according to your buying habits 
  • Maximizing on your Products Margin profitability 
  • Updating you on ideal impulse items according to regional trends